We are dedicated to preserving and protecting the natural marine environment. We are committed to harvesting the living marine resources of our pristine waters in a socially responsible manner and are working hard to ensure an economical and sustainable fishery for generations to come. Following the latest scientific advice on the marine ecosystem, we manage our harvesting methods and our catch to help ensure that the fish stocks remain healthy and recruitment strong. The Fishing Day System. The Faroese effort management system has gained international recognition. The system combines area closures, especially for bottom trawl fisheries, and a variety of technical measures in association with transparent reporting fishing effort. The number of fishing licenses and total effort is set by law. By-catch is not discarded: we strive to utilize not just every fish, but the entire fish to create a variety of healthy and enjoyable products to meet your needs.

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Our customers require consistent delivery of quality products specific to their needs. Reliable delivery is an important key to success. Because we manage the entire process – from harvesting, (via close cooperation with key suppliers), to processing, to sales and distribution – we have total control, which makes just-in-time delivery of quality product a reality. This focus on reliability and quality control has been the hallmark of Faroe Seafood throughout its history and is reflected in the long-standing partnerships we have built with our customers.

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Total accountability and full traceability are the keys to success. You have the ability to verify that your fish were caught in a sustainable manner and processed under strict quality standards. Whether you supply a major food chain or the local corner fish market, a five-star restaurant or the neighbourhood grill, you can be assured of our commitment to quality and excellent service from the sea to the table. Full compliance. We are in full compliance with the EU directives on IUU fishing and actively work to promote responsible fishing. Our proprietary traceability system tracks our fishing vessels and monitors the processing of the catch from landing to finished product. We hold Chain of Custody certification from the Marine Stewardship Council.